Anna. New York. Take me to your leader, take me to your Venus.

Maria Anwander
The Kiss
“The Kiss was given to the MoMA as a donation without asking for permission. I entered the museum as a regular visitor and gave an intense French kiss to the wall. Next to the invisible kiss I then fixed a fake label, which simulated the style of a regular MoMA caption.”


"any last words?"


Literally why is this still getting notes the finale was like THREE MONTHS AGO









Emma Roberts & Evan Peters



she’s the luckiest girl alive she better know that

and that is how you hold a girl


his hands I will kill something


Stay Classy

10 Questions Tag

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Sammy’s Questions:

What is the weirdest dream you remember? I had a dream that my friend was mad at me and wouldn’t let me sit at her lunch table and I started walking away but I turned around and suddenly there was caution tape all around the table and I looked down and there was a little baby on floor. weird.

Would you rather tripping on a log or slipping on a banana peel? tripping on a log because I feel like it would be much less embarrassing

icecream or Gelati? ICE CREAM

Only child or siblings? only child ayyy

Do you like the Arctic Monkeys? I LOVE THEM

Have you had your first kiss? kind of. I don’t really count it because it was during a game at a party. but the guy was hot soo…

Chicken nuggets or pizza? CHICKEN NUGGETS

eyeshadow or eyeliner? champagne colored eyeshadow because my eyes look weird with black eyeliner

What did you eat for breakfast? a bagel with cream cheese and jam

Do you have anything planned for the future? as much as i’d like to, I don’t. i’m more of a day by day person and I honestly have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

My questions:

Most embarrassing experience? Last person you hugged? All time favorite food? TV show that you would binge watch? Item of clothing you wear way too much? Do you have a crush? Person you want to be exactly like? Best friend’s name? What did you eat for lunch? Chocolate or vanilla?

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